The city of Naoussa

Naoussa. One of the most beautiful cities of Macedonia which is built in the Eastern fringes of the imposing mountainous volume of Vermion and has an astonishing view in the beautiful and rich plain of Thessaloniki. It is the capital of the homonym province with a population of 25.000 residents and combines the beauties of plain with those of mountain, offering a rich mesh of activities and services in the lucky visitor. It abstains 90 km from Thessaloniki and 510 from Athens.

The architectural heritage in urban and industrial buildings elects a city with rich cultural past. The visitor has the possibility to enjoy the traditional neighbourhoods and sights in Naoussa and can begin from the Municipal Park that is found near the entry of the city which has an astonishing view in the plain of Imathia up to Thessaloniki and Thermaiko. A path from the paved pedestrian zone in the verdurous banks of the river Arapitsa with the impetuous waters and the impressive waterfalls, leads to "Stoumpanous" a place of sacrifice of Naoussa's women.